JD-U disapproves Uma`s comments on Sonia’s origin

JD-U President Sharad Yadav disapproved Uma Bharti`s comments on the Italian origins of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, saying it is a "non-issue".

New Delhi: JD-U President Sharad Yadav on Thursday
disapproved Uma Bharti`s comments on the Italian origins of
Congress President Sonia Gandhi, saying it is a "non-issue".

Raising the issue migrations from outside to India, Yadav
said the colour of people living in this part of the world has
originally been dark and whichever community has a fair
complexion had come here from outside at some point of time.
However, Yadav immediately clarified that he did not mean
that all those having white complexion had foreign origins.

He said that it was not appropriate for Uma Bharti to
rake up the origin issue as various communities from across
the globe migrated to and settled in India.

"Ram, Krishna and Shiva, the gods are dark compexioned. A
large population has come from outside, whose complexion is
fair. They have come from outside at some point of time. There
will be a need to put a cut-off date actually (to decide who
is an outsider)," Yadav said.

He also termed as "wrong" Rahul Gandhi`s remark that
Bharti was from MP though she was contesting from UP.

Reacting to it Bharti had said, Sonia Gandhi came from
Italy and has been accepted in India. If Italy`s Sonia was
accepted in India, I am only from Madhya Pradesh. Rahul should
remember the background of his mother. Only then he should
comment on his bua (aunt)."
However, Yadav backed the BJP over the issue of
Lokayukta`s appointment in Gujarat saying he does not consider
"appropriate" the High Court decision on the appointment of R
A Mehta at Lokayukta as recommended by the Governor.

"Governor is only a nominee of the Centre. It is the
state legislature, which has the right to enact laws. Governor
can take a decision only with the advice of the Council of
Ministers. I think the decision was inappropriate," he said.

In a blow to Narendra Modi, the Gujarat High Court
yesterday upheld the appointment of Lokayukta by the Governor
while sharply criticising the Chief Minister for his "pranks"
that had sparked a "constitutional mini crisis".

On the Army chief`s age row, too, Yadav felt that Gen V K
Singh should not have gone to court.

He did not spare the UPA either for making statments on
the issue that "could create controverseies".

"I think he should not have approached the court in this
issue. There should not be too much debate on this issue as
well. The UPA government has got into the habit of regularly
saying something that will create a controversy.

"But one is Army Chief should also keep in mind the
institution. I also do not fault those people, who are
regularly making comments on it," Yadav said.