Kunda DSP apparently murdered by mob, says CBI initial probe

Uttar Pradesh police officer Zia- ul-Haq was apparently murdered by a mob in Balipur, the CBI has said.

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh police officer Zia- ul-Haq was apparently murdered by a mob in Balipur which was angry after the killing of village head Nanhe Yadav, the CBI has said.

While underlining that these are initial findings by the agency based on statements of eyewitnesses, CBI sources said its probe so far has revealed that the mob which had gathered after the killing of Yadav assaulted Haq and someone from it shot him dead.

The sources said they have not found any evidence so far about the alleged involvement of MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya in the DSP`s murder but nothing conclusive can be said at this stage and team is still looking for every possible evidence to solve the case.

The sources said according to initial probe, the picture is becoming clearer as far as murder of Haq was concerned but the killings of Nanhe and his brother Suresh are still under intense scrutiny before conclusion could be arrived at.

They said the agency has questioned family members of Nanhe and Suresh Yadav, who were killed in the village before Haq on March 2, to piece together exact chain of events that took place on the day of the killings.

The agency had recently made some important recoveries which included a blood-stained ammunition belt from a box concealed in a house of Suresh Yadav, one of the deceased, a blood stained wooden rod from another area in the village and most important service revolver of Haq, who was posted slain as a circle officer in Kunda.