Mayawati lashes out at BJP over booklet on `fake scams`

Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati lashed out at BJP for publishing a booklet on "fake scams" against her government and said the opposition parties were spreading "canards" about her administration as they have no real issues.

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
Mayawati on Friday lashed out at BJP for publishing a booklet on
"fake scams" against her government and said the opposition
parties were spreading "canards" about her administration as
they have no real issues.

"As the opposition parties, including BJP, are left
with no other issues against the state government which has
given a very good governance. They, under a planned
conspiracy, spreading canards about the working style of the
government and BJP has gone ahead by releasing a booklet of
fake scams to mislead the people," she said while addressing a
function to mark completion of four-year of her government.

Yesterday, Mayawati accused the opposition parties of
spreading "lies and rumours" and doing "dirty politics" over
the issue of farmers` agitation in the state.

BJP recently released a 400-page book `Mayawati Sarkar
Ke 100 Ghotale - Scams in Uttar Pradesh`.

On the BJP booklet which mentions 100 scams of the
BSP government, she said they are mere rhetorics and not
worthy enough for her to institute an inquiry.

"But I would definitely ask the BJP leaders to come
out with the evidence of its charges to prove them before the
people or it would be proved that it is not a party which
practices principled politics as they claim," she said.

Terming BJP as the "number one" party in the country
spreading rumours, she said it had done the same during the
last Vidhan Sabha elections to harm the BSP by releasing a
book but it was reduced to the third spot. Again they have
adopted same tactics, she added.

The chief minister was specially critical of BJP
President Nitin Gadkari who she said used flowery (unsavoury)
language against the BSP during a meeting in Varanasi
recently. She said though her people advised her to give a
befitting reply to Gadkari but she decided against it as she
came from a cultured family.

"It appears that BJP president has not been brought up
in a cultured family," she said, adding she prayed that he get
some values as this has been earning a bad name for the BJP.

Warning people against the designs of opposition
parties to mislead them, she said there is also an effort to
level baseless charges of corruption against her party
government and officials.

"If an inquiry is ordered into the working of all the
previous governments in state, several of their ministers and
officials would have to face action," she said, adding she
wanted to do so.

The chief minister said though she welcomed the
campaign against corruption, most of the people in civil
society led by Anna Hazare are playing into the hands of
political parties.

"Though they come from Maharashtra and there have
been several scams in that state as well as other states
surrounding it they chose to launch their campaign in Uttar
Pradesh proving their anti-dalit mentality as well as
political interests," she said.

"The campaign (anti-corruption) is playing into the
hands of the parties with anti-dalit mentality," she said.
Citing the Commonwealth games scam and CD issue,
Mayawati said Congress, SP and other parties need not speak on

Even the BJP which was in power for six years did
nothing for bringing black money stacked in foreign banks and
it seems that this black money belongs to these party men, she

Mayawati, however, said she would stamp out corruption
from the state.

On the occasion, she also dispelled any fears among
her party men stating that there would be no change in the
names of the candidates finalised by her on all the 403 seats
for next year`s assembly elections.

"Under a conspiracy it is being stated that some of
the tickets could be changed so that the probable candidate
remain in double minds but I want to clarify that it would not
be changed," she said, adding those who had been denied of
party ticket following new delimitation or other reasons would
be adjusted elsewhere in Rajya Sabha and corporations.

The chief minister who laid foundation stones and
inaugurated development and peoples welfare schemes worth Rs
2,000 crores besides releasing a booklet on achievements of
the government during the past four years gave an account of
the various works which she claimed that the state carried out
through its own resources.

Accusing the Centre of adopting step motherly and
biased attitude towards the state, she said the various
packages demanded by her from time to time have not found any
favour with the centre.

Moreover, she alleged even the centre`s contribution
to the state or for the central schemes have either been
delayed or received too late and that hampered the projects,
schemes and development works.

The chief minister rejected the claims of some
leaders of the Congress that UP was getting additional help
from the centre.

Besides, she termed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s
announcements during a recent meeting in Banda district of
Bundelkhand as a "political drama".