Mulayam asks partymen to sink differences, oust Mayawati

With Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls a year away, SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday asked party workers to sink their differences and launch a decisive struggle to dislodge the "corrupt" Mayawati government.

Updated: Feb 10, 2011, 19:24 PM IST

Gorakhpur: With Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls
a year away, SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday asked party
workers to sink their differences and launch a decisive
struggle to dislodge the "corrupt" Mayawati government.

Concerned over infighting within the party, Yadav said
during the last Assembly elections, the party lost at about
two dozen seats due to internal feud.
"In the last elections there were at least 23 seats on
which our candidates lost due to our own leaders and workers
and they had even admitted the fact later," he said at the
inaugural session of the party`s state-level meet here.

Analysing the reasons for SP`s poor performance last
time, the 71-year-old Samajwadi veteran said people worked
against the interest of the party as they were denied tickets.

SP, which was in power in UP three times, lost to BSP in
the 2007 Assembly polls getting 97 of the 403 seats.

Yadav recalled that earlier too there were instances when
aspirants did not get tickets. "But still, they worked in the
interest of the party and fought unitedly. This time, however,
they ensured the victory of BSP," he said.

As a consequence of SP being not in power, cases have
been filed against one lakh partymen, he said, cautioning them
not to commit the same mistake this time.

Referring to the recent Panchayat elections, he said a
number of elected members of the party voted in favour of BSP
candidates for monetary considerations.

"I never ever imagined that SP leaders will stoop so low
and get sold," he lamented.

Likening internal squabbles in the party to problems,
disputes and fights in every family, he said people still
lived together.
"Ours is a samajwadi parivaar, therefore like a family
get united before the elections," Yadav advised the party rank
and file.

He rued that party workers did not respond to a call by
him to launch an effective agitation against the "atrocities"
on SP leaders unleashed by the BSP government which, he
alleged, indulged in corruption, injustice and anarchy.

"When independent MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja
Bhaiyya and SP MP Shailendra Kumar were arrested on frivolous
charges, an effective agitation could not be launched despite
my call," he said.

On the arrest of SP MLA Vijay Mishra in connection with
the attack on cabinet minister Nand Gopal Nandi, he said the
government would not have dared to arrest him had such an
agitation been launched.

"I know that Mishra is innocent and being framed. In fact
Mishra and Nandi are friends, but under pressure of the Chief
Minister, the minister made a false statement," he alleged.

Yadav regretted that partymen failed to launch an
effective agitation when a sedition case was filed against
senior leader Azam Khan and alleged that Khan was being framed
as part of a conspiracy.

"An agitation was launched, but only after three days.
The protest could have made an impact, had it been launched
instantly," he said noting that an agitation should not be
just for the sake of formality.

He said such incidents will demoralise common workers.

Yadav said party leaders and workers should go to the
people and forcefully raise issues like corruption during BSP

"If people lose their faith, then how Samajwadi Party
movement will be carried forward. If poor, backward and
minorities - for whom the SP has always struggled - leave then
what will happen to the party," he asked.

"Time has come for a decisive agitation against the
government so that its working is completely paralysed," he

The SP chief took the opportunity to lash out at the
Centre on issues like price rise and terrorism.
He said rich people were replenishing their coffers while
the common man was facing hunger and poverty.

The former defence minister accused the UPA of not taking
prompt action to meet various internal and external security
threats and blamed Pakistan and China for encouraging
terrorism in India.

The SP leader alleged that BSP was hand-in-glove with
Congress-led UPA when it came to corruption.

Claiming that assets of BSP and Mayawati had increased
manifold in a span of just a few years, he demanded that the
Centre should enquire into the source of Rs 400 crore, which
BSP has claimed that it has got from donations.

Referring to corruption cases against Mayawati pending
with CBI, he alleged that the Centre was not giving the
go-ahead to the investigating agency to prosecute her.

Yadav also raised the plight of farmers, weavers and
minority community in the state and favoured reservation to

The SP leader also criticised the Mayawati government
for the spate in attacks on Dalits, especially rampant rape

Without making any commitment on the demand for creation
of a Purvanchal state, Yadav said if SP comes to power more
money will be provided to eastern UP for its development.