Murder for pride

Once again for false pride, humanity has been put to shame.

Zee Media Bureau

Kanpur: Once again for false pride, humanity has been put to shame.

A small Kanpur village has witnessed a shocking and horrific tale of killing in the name of inter-caste marriage. Living in the 21st century, we Indians need to think hard, on the customs and norms we are following or trying to adopt.

While on one hand, there are Asaram like people who bring a bad name to our culture thriugh their shameful deeds, on the other hand a family is murdered because the girl’s parents didn’t approve of the marriage.

In Kanpur, just for the sense of false pride, members of a family murdered their own daughter and her mother-in-law while her husband battles for life after sustaining injuries. What’s left behind is their little daughter who has just started to understand this world.

This gruesome incident might sound bizarre but it is true. The girl’s family didn’t approve of the marriage that took place some years back because of caste and social norms.

The girl had eloped with her boyfriend and both later got married. After two years, the couple returned to their native place along with their little girl child thinking that their families would have forgotten the past and will accept them now. But to their disbelief, the girl’s family acted as hungry animals and attacked all of them with axes.

When we look back, we are forced to ask - why? The answer is – revenge, for defaming the family by getting married without parental consent.