Narendra Modi in Gorakhpur: As it happened

Bharatiya Janata Party`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed the `Vijay Shankhanad` rally in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

Zee Media Bureau/Biplob Ghosal

3:11 pm: Modi concludes his speech

3:10 pm: Today its Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose`s birth anniversary and he gave the slogan `Delhi Chalo`. He said you give me blood and I will give you freedom. I request you to give me 60 months and will give you a life of of peace and happiness - Modi

3:09 pm: Our nation is rich and our people can also be rich, the upcoming elections is a fight against poverty - Modi

3:08 pm: I promise to give you the India where you can dream and fulfill your ambitions - Modi

3:07 pm: You gave Congress sixty years to rule this country...give me sixty months, I will change your life - Modi

3:06 pm: UP alone can remove India`s poverty. We need to take agriculture ahead, we need to strengthen it – Modi

3:05 pm: Everyone knows on what Congress, SP and BSP are dependent on. Development is not their motive - Modi

3:04 pm: Netaji, your party got majority, but didn`t provide jobs or security - Modi

3:03 pm: For the last 10 years Gujarat is living peacefully, it`s right Netaji you cannot do it - Modi

3:02 pm: Netaji, Gujarat means giving 24/7 electricity. You are right you cannot make Gujarat - Modi

3:01 pm: Netaji you cannot make Gujarat and I would be very happy if your government can make Uttar Pradesh as developed as Gujarat - Modi

3:00 pm: Do you know netaji (Mulayam) what does it take to create a developed state like Gujarat - Modi

2:59 pm: Netaji (Mulayam) says Modi doesn`t has the capability of making you know what it means to make Gujarat – Modi

2:58 pm: I am happy Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav these days are following me - Modi

2:57 pm: Both Centre and UP govt are not bothered about the poor - Modi

2:56 pm:Congress leaders cannot accept a tea vendor and a son of poor mother to held his head high - Modi

2:55 pm:Congress wants poor to remain poor as it suits their kind of politics - Modi

2:54 pm: In Chhattisgarh Congress bagged only 1 seat out of 10 reserved for SC communities - Modi

2:53 pm: BJP wants the poor and backward people to live a good life - Modi

2:52 pm:Congress won only 1 seat in Rajasthan out of 34 seats reserved for SC communities - Modi

2:51 pm: Some `thekedars` think Dalits, adivasis are in their pocket, they don`t consider them as humans, but votebank

2:50 pm: What will be the results of General Elections, this was evident in the recently held Assembly elections- Modi

2:49 pm: Janta janardan ke darshan ishwar darshan ke barabar hote hain - Modi

2:48 pm: The people have decided the Lok Sabha election results. Congress free India will be a reality - Modi

2:47 pm: On my way to the venue on the helicopter it looked like a sea of people, it is a sea of humanity - Modi

2:46 pm: Such a huge gathering indicates in which way the wind is blowing - Modi

2:45 pm: Narendra Modi begins speech

2:25 pm: Congress is the most communal party and BJP is the most secular party in India - Rajnath

2:24 pm: Gujarat is a model state in India - Rajnath

2:23 pm: Will not let Communal Violence Bill be passed in the Parliament - Rajnath

2:22 pm: Poverty does not have any caste, creed or religion, it cannot be reduced on basis of religion - Rajnath

2:21 pm: Samajwadi Party made many promises, but didn`t delivered anything in 2 years - Rajnath

2:20 pm: BJP president Rajnath Singh addresses rally

2:16 pm: We want the youth of Uttar Pradesh to get employment, and I am sure Modiji wil do best for the state - Adityanath

2:15 pm: Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath calls Narendra Modi as the future prime minister of India.
Bharatiya Janata Party`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi reached Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

The `Vijay Shankhanad` rally is being dubbed as the "greatest of all" rallies addressed by Modi in Uttar Pradesh so far.

Before reaching the rally venue, the Gujarat Chief Minister offered prayers at the Gorakhnath temple.

Massive security arrangements have been made as around three lakhs people have gathered to hear Modi.

Inspector General of Police (law and order) Amrendra Singh Senger told IANS that four superintendents of police (SP) rank officials, eight additional SPs and 13 deputy SPs have been deployed for supervising the BJP`s ``Vijay Shankhanad` rally.
The BJP is banking on the rally to increase its numbers in eastern UP, consisting 62 Assembly and 13 Lok Sabha seats. The party has only 3 Lok Sabha members from the area.

Modi has so far addressed rallies five rallies in Uttar Pradesh - Kanpur (Oct 19, 2013), Jhansi (Oct 25), Bahraich (Nov 8), Agra (Nov 21) and Varanasi (Dec 20).

He will address one more rally in Meerut on February 2 after which the series of `Shankhanad` rallies will culminate with a "Maha rally" in Lucknow on March 2.

Two persons with knives were arrested from near a ground where Modi will address the rally, police told PTI.

Munnilal (50) and Tilakdhaari (48) were nabbed with knives from near the venue of Modi`s rally in Maanbela area, Assistant Superintendent of Police Paresh Pandey said.