Narendra Modi`s Kanpur rally: As it happened

Modi accuses the Congress of having divisive mentality and says dividing people is in the DNA of the ruling party.

Zee Media Bureau/Biplob Ghosal

4:31 pm: Narendra Modi concludes speech.

4:30 pm: The love you have given me here today, I’ll reciprocate with interest: Modi to the people gathered at the rally.

4:29 pm: Congress believes in dividing the nation in terms of castes, religion. To take nation ahead we need to integrate not divide - Modi.

4:28 pm: Modi accuses the Congress of having divisive mentality and says dividing people is in the DNA of the ruling party.

4:27 pm: Does it ever happen that Defence Minister and Army say different things – Modi.

4:26 pm: Taking on the Manmohan Singh-led govt at the Centre Modi said PM remains silent when our jawans were beheaded and warned the govt saying that if this is repeated, we will see.

4:24 pm: Then someone said Rs 5 can get you food. Anyways now he is in jail: Modi.

4:23 pm: Can you get food for Rs 12? If not, then why make fun of poor, asks BJP’s PM candidate.

4:22 pm: Accusing the Congress ministers of making joke of the poor, Modi said that one MP in Mumbai says one can get food for Rs 12.

4:21 pm: BJP is seeking your support in the name of development. We want to take the nation to newer heights, says Modi.

4:20 pm: Whenever the Congress is in trouble, they have a mantra – play votebank politics, says Modi.

4:19 pm: A government should not be for the rich but for the poor - Modi.

4:18 pm: We have been born in poverty. We have lived poverty. We have experienced their pain. And when someone makes such jokes on poor, I feel very sad. Salt is being rubbed on wounds, says Modi.

4:17 pm: Our poor farmers have become a joke for the Congress. The Prince says there is no poverty. It is a state of mind, says Narendra Modi.

4:16 pm: Congress leaders say no such thing as poverty exists and it is a state of mind. Those born with a Golden spoon, do they know what is poverty and to know what poverty is they go with cameras to spend a night in a poor man’s hut, says Modi.

4:15 pm: Coming down heavily on the Centre, Modi says not only the coal files but the entire government is lost.

4:14 pm: In 2012 Gujaratis voted BJP back to power and now it is upto you to bring back the BJP to power at the Centre - Modi.

4:13 pm: Taking on the PM on the issue of coalgate, Modi says the stain of coal is not limited to Delhi but spreads even to Kanpur.

4:12 pm: Modi says UP must be made free of the trioka of SP, BSP and Congress.

4:11 pm: Critising the dynastic policies, Modi says it is time to uproot the ‘Sultanates’ and vote BJP back to power.

4:10 pm: Raking up the recent communal violence incidents, Modi accuses SP govt of playing votebank politics and said that people continue to lose lives but the state govt is least bothered.

4:09 pm: Modi questions law and order situation in UP. So many innocents have lost their lives in the last year, says Modi.

4:08 pm: From Kanpur the clarion call of Congress Mukt India must come. Earlier, it was for Swarajya; now it is for Surajya - Narendra Modi.

4:07 pm: Modi says the first war of Independence was led by freedom fighters from Kanpur and called for Congress free India.

4:06 pm: Modi takes on Congress allies like the Samajwadi Party and says that who are saving the Congress to save their backs, they are also guilty.

4:05 pm: Their arrogance is such that they are not bothered about people. Should we care for those who don`t care for you, says Narendra Modi.

4:04 pm: During elections the Congress makes false promises to the people and this has been going on for the last 60 years by the ruling party and its allies, says BJP’s PM candidate.

4:03 pm: Has Sonia Gandhi or the prince (Rahul Gandhi) ever expressed distress over not reducing runaway price rise - Modi.

4:02: Modi takes on PM over price rise and asks people has Dr Manmohan Singh ever said anything on not being able to stop rising prices.

4:01 pm: During elections they make false promises, this has been going on for the last 60 years by the Congress and their allies: Narendra Modi.

4:00 pm: Do you want your children to go through the same tribulations you faced in life? Don`t you want a better life for them – Modi.

3:59 pm: People are venting their anger against the Congress and its allies - Modi.

3:58 pm: Modi praises people gathered at the rally for waiting for him for 3-4 hours in the scorching heat and says I assure you I will not let this Tapasya go in vain.

3:57 pm: When elections come you will do your duty. But I can say this Kanpur rally has won over me - Modi.

3:56 pm: Modi begins his speech with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai` slogan.

3:55 pm BJP`s PM candidate Narendra Modi addresses rally in Uttar Pradesh.

3:49 pm: The BJP will form the government and Modi will become the PM, says Rajnath Singh

3:47 pm: We do not need to tell anyone what Narendra Bhai has done in Gujarat. Gujarat made a name for good governance - Rajnath Singh.

3:46 pm: Rajnath attacks the central government over ceasefire violations and LoC killings.

3:45 pm Hitting out at the SP govt over riots Rajnath says the incumbent government must go.

3:44 pm: You have got clean chit my SP and BSP friends, at least now withdraw support from the Congress, says the BJP president.

3:42 pm: Kanpur has seen history being made and Jan Sangh`s first Adhiveshan was held here - Rajnath Singh.

3:41 pm: Kanpur is a historic city and has shaped history too.

3:40 pm:Rajnath appeals people to bless Modi.

3:39: After Narendra Modi was anointed as BJP`s PM candidate, this is his first visit to UP.

3:38 pm:Rajnath Singh begins his speech.

3:30 pm: Narendra Modi reaches Kanpur.

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