Pak Army explosive in Varanasi blast?

An element called C4 may have been used in the Varanasi explosive. It is mostly used by Pak Army.

Zeenews Bureau

Ahmedabad: A team of officials from Gujarat
Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) and Directorate of Forensic Science
(DFS), Gandhinagar studied the Varanasi blast at
Dashashwamedh ghat on Friday and found that an element used mainly by the Pakistan Army could have been used in the blast that occurred this Tuesday.

Experts were of the view that Ammonium Nitrate in combination with either TNT or C-4 could have been used in the Varanasi blast. The blast left a plume of smoke and not fire, which have led the experts to believe C-4 may have been used.

C-4 is used a lot by the Pakistan Army. The element is closer to RDX in its formation.

The ATS team is led by its chief Ajay Tomar and consists
of a few other members.

A team consisting of forensic science experts from DFS,
Gandhinagar also collected samples, its director J M Vyas

"Out team would study the blast, its nature, explosives
used, the intensity, and also help the Uttar Pradesh police in
investigation if asked for," Vyas said.

According to investigating agencies, terror outfit Indian
Mujaheedin was responsible for the blast at the Dashashwamedh
ghat there, which left one young girl dead and 36 others
injured on December 7.

Following the blast, an alert has been sounded in the
state and all security agencies are on their toes with
increased checking of vehicles.

Patrolling has also been increased in sensitive parts of
the state to avoid any untoward incident.

-PTI inputs