PM, Rahul lash out at Maya govt, propose Bundelkhand package

PM Manmohan Singh along with Rahul Gandhi addressed a joint rally for the first time in Banda.

Zeenews Bureau

Lucknow: With Uttar Pradesh assembly elections round the corner, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi addressed a joint rally for the first time in Banda on Saturday.

The rally came a year after a package worth Rs 7,266 crore was sanctioned by the UPA governmnet for Uttar Pradesh`s Bundelkhand region and released additional grants of Rs 1800 crore in the last two fiscals for
UP and MP.

While addressing a huge crowd, Rahul Gandhi focused on the difficulties faced by the villagers of Bundelkhand. He also quoted an example of a kid who lost his father due to hunger.

“I am really ashamed to know this incident that in this modern age, there are still some people who die due to hunger and there are many people who still have to fight for a single meal a day” Rahul said.

Lashing out at the Mayawati government, Rahul added, “The Center is aware of the problems of Bundelkhand, but Mayawati’s government is unaware of the basic problems of the region.”

“It is very shameful that NEREGA plans are not benefitting the needy, job cards are not made and unemployment is growing by leaps and bounds. People from UP who should be named in the list of Below Poverty Line have not been registered. No measures are being taken for the uplift of the Dalits. So, I would like to request the UPA government to take actions for the people of Bundelkhand if Uttar Pradesh government is not taking care of its people.”

“I came closer to the people of Bundelkhand five years ago and have continuously kept the UPA government aware of the primary difficulties faced by the region. Today, the Prime Minister himself is with me here with many plans of development for Bundelkhand,” said Rahul.

Bundelkhand is one of the most backward areas in India: PM

While thanking the efforts of Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said, "Bundelkhand region, which had a glorious past, is
today counted as one of the most backward areas in the country
from the point of economic and industrial growth."

“But the efforts of Rahul Gandhi here has brought so much of development. We together can bring more difference over here. The development in Bundelkhand had suffered a lot after the region faced severe drought in 2002. The UPA government is very happy to announce a ‘Bundelkhand development package’.”

“Here I would like to congratulate and thank Rahul Gandhi for his continuous efforts on the Bundelkhand package. Rs 7,300 crore would be spent under this development plan,” added Dr Singh.

Further, the PM said, “The ground level of water and irrigation facilities are in a very bad state. In this development package, we will help build irrigation infrastructure. Besides, seven lakh hectare of land area will be given to the forest department.”

“The success of this plan depends on the joint venture of the governments of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and the Central government. We have to be united for the development of Bundelkhand. I invite the governments of UP and MP to come together for development work.”

“Rs 200 crore has been sanctioned for new industries, irrigation facilities, and for drinking water. Rahul Gandhi has also suggested opening of few agricultural varsity in Jhansi, on which decision would be taken soon. To meet the electricity demand of Bundelkhand, NTPC has set up an electricity generation plant of 3600 MW with the help of the MP government.”

"As expected, the Uttar Pradesh government did not show
activeness in spending the additional central grants. We hope the situation will improve soon."

Whenever there will be UPA government in the Centre, a lot of work will be done for the
Aam Admi of UP, assured the PM while concluding his speech.