Politicians never die in riots: Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that political forces in Uttar Pradesh are dividing Hindus and Muslims for electoral gains.

Zee Media Bureau/Ajith Vijay Kumar

Aligarh/Rampur: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that political forces in Uttar Pradesh are dividing Hindus and Muslims for electoral gains.

Addressing a rally in Rampur, Rahul said the common man does not want riots and wants to live peacefully but there are forces that want to divide them on basis of religion and caste.

“Politicians never die in riots, it is the poor who face the brunt,” Rahul said.

“We fight for the people of the country, for the poor of the country, we fight for their rights,” he added.

Pointing out the mega welfare schemes of rolled out by the UPA government like the right to employment, right to food and right to education, Rahul said Congress will continue to work for the common man of the country.

“Opposition tried to stop food security bill in Parliament. Sonia ji, Manmohan ji fought for it. And the poor will benefit from it,” he said.

“Now, no one will be hungry in India. There will no mother or father who will worry that their child’s stomach is empty,” he said.

“But Samajwadi Party doesn’t want it to implement Food Security in Uttar Pradesh, they say that it will be implemented after 2014 polls, they may be thinking that the Congress will gain if its implemented now,” he said.

“Opposition asks us what we have one in the past 10 years, they don’t understand the problems of the poor. Is there a bigger problem than hunger? We gave food security. They talk of growth rates – India progressed fastest during UPA rule, the aam admi has been benefited the most during UPA rule,” Rahul said.

Earlier, Rahul addressed a similar rally in Aligarh. Rahul Gandhi said the people of the state are being divided on religion and caste lines by political forces to win elections.

Addressing a well attended rally in Aligarh, Rahul said, “In Muzaffarnagar, I spoke to both Hindus & Muslims. They said there is no enmity between them, it’s all done by political forces.”

“Has anybody gained from the Muzaffarnagar riots, did anybody then ask who is a Hindu and who is a Muslim?” he said.

“People are being set against each other for political mileage. Political forces here know that they can’t win unless there is a clash between Hindus and Muslims,” he added.

Rahul said that history of India has shown that that we all stand united, that is why the country is progressing ahead, and stressed that the Congress believes in the politics of development.

“Only Congress party can change Uttar Pradesh,” Rahul said.

Rahul will be addressing another rally in Rampur later in the day.

Commenting on the rallies, Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal said the people of Uttar Pradesh would never believe Rahul Gandhi or the Congress party.

The Congress rallies have been christened `Dhanyavaad Rallies` and are aimed at thanks-giving by the "party and the people for Rahul Gandhi`s proactive role in getting landmark legislations like Land Acquisition Bill and Food Security Bill passed in parliament", a Congress leader told a news agency.