Rahul Gandhi accuses Mayawati of fooling people

Rahul Gandhi accused Mayawati of trying to mislead people by removing "corrupt ministers" when only a month was left to Assembly polls in UP.

Bareilly/Shahjahanpur/Pilibhit: Firing a fresh
salvo at Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused her of trying to
mislead people by removing "corrupt ministers" when only a
month was left to Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh.

"A month before the elections, she is trying to fool the
public by removing corrupt ministers," Rahul alleged while
addressing a series of public meetings at different places in
the three districts.

The Congress General Secretary alleged that when once the
magic elephant eats up funds of a department, Mayawati
dismisses the minister concerned accusing him of corruption
and replaces him with an even more corrupt minister.

"A few days ago, she dismissed four ministers. Yesterday
two more were dismissed and then she handed over the charge of
their departments to another minister, who was more corrupt
than the ones he had replaced," Rahul alleged.

Accusing CM Mayawati of hiding from the people he alleged,
"It seems she is afraid of being amidst Dalits and the poor
and that is why she stays inside a 40-foot high boundary wall
in Lucknow."

The Congress leader alleged that while Mayawati claimed
herself to be a leader of Dalits, she had not visited a single
Dalit home in the past five years and lived in her mansion
fenced by high walls.

He said the food security bill would provide food to the
poorest sections of society and ensure that millions of people
in UP receive 35 kgs of food grain and avoid starvation.

"Though the greatest beneficiaries would be her Dalits,
Mayawati considers this a joke ... she thinks no one will benefit
from it," he alleged.

Rahul said his purpose was not to merely win elections,
but he wanted to change the face of UP by removing poverty and

"Politics means removing backwardness and poverty and
Indiraji had done this," he said.

Appealing to the people to place trust in Congress and
vote for the party he said, "We have people who work, all we
need is your trust."


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