Rahul indulging in communal politics: BJP

BJP said that at Rahul Gandhi`s "insistence", the government proposed a sub-quota of 4.5 per cent for minorities.

Lucknow: The BJP on Wednesday accused Rahul Gandhi of indulging in communal politics, saying that it was at his "insistence" that the government proposed a sub-quota of 4.5 per cent for minorities within the existing 27 per cent reservation for other backward classes.
"Rahul is not here for development of the state, but he is
here to do politics of religion. His politics is of hatred and
vitiating the atmosphere," BJP vice-president Kalraj Mishra
told reporters.

He stated that Rahul, while starting his election campaign
from Phoolpur, had said he was here to do politics of
development and not of religion, "but in reality his election
campaign started with promoting division."

"The sub-quota to minorities means curtailing the right of
OBCs. This is constitutionally wrong," he said.

Accusing Congress of indulging in politics of hatred, the
BJP leader alleged that the party is now advocating 9 per cent
reservation for Muslims.

"The statement given by Union Law Minister about 9 per
cent reservation on religious ground is sad. This is betrayal
of the OBCs," he alleged.
Mishra said, "It was unfortunate that SP supremo Mulayam
Singh Yadav, who terms himself to be a symbol of OBCs, and
Mayawati, who calls her symbol of Dalits, were keeping mum on
the issue."

"This is an effort to distract the attention of the
people from the issue of corruption, inflation, unemployment,
good governance and development," he said.

The BJP leader said reservation on religious ground was a
conspiracy to demolish democracy.