Rahul slams BJP`s `India Shining` slogan

Rahul Gandhi said though the country has made progress, it is not shining in villages and small towns.

Siddhartnagar: In a terse snub to BJP
and its `India Shining` campaign, Congress general secretary
Rahul Gandhi on Friday said it shone only for the leaders of the
saffron brigade and not for the common people.

"In 2004 (during the general elections) the opposition
had launched `India shining` campaign...They can give this
slogan as their leaders do not visit your houses, don`t eat
food with you, drink dirty water of your wells...they can say
India is shining," he told a public meeting here.

"It is shining in their houses and air-conditioned cars
but not in villages," Gandhi said.

He said though the country has made progress, it is not
shining in villages and small towns. "India will shine only
when no poor person is left in the country," Gandhi said.

Continuing his attack on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
Mayawati, he said the BSP chief is opposed to MGNRGS as "she
sees the world from helicopter and not move about on roads,
neither takes food with poor and drink water of their wells".

"People migrate from villages to towns and cities in
search of employment, then why not bring jobs to villages,"
the Congress leader said.

The UPA government has launched loan waiver schemes for
farmers as it consider them to be the backbone of the country
but in UP things are opposite. Farmers` land is being
snatched and when they ask for compensation, the government
gives them bullets, he said.

Gandhi said during his visits to Bhatta Pasrsal and
Tappal, which had seen farmers` unrest over land acquisition,
he was told by the state government officials that those
protesting for compensation were not farmers but Naxalites.

"When poor people in UP demand their rights they are
called Naxalites by the government officials," he said.


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