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Ramdev-Anna alliance will not lead to results: SP

Yoga guru Ramdev and Anna Hazare were together because they "need each other`s support", Samajwadi Party leader Shahid Siddiqui said on Sunday.

New Delhi: Yoga guru Ramdev and Anna Hazare were together because they "need each other`s support" but this alliance "will not lead to any result", Samajwadi Party leader Shahid Siddiqui said Sunday.

"Ramdev has no reputation, though he has money and even an entertainment factor. Anna Hazare has a good reputation, but his group has left him alone. So both are supporting each other because they need each other, but this will not lead to any result," Siddiqui said as Hazare and Ramdev staged a joint agitation in Jantar Mantar here.

The Congress too criticised the sit-in by the Hazare and Ramdev, and the latter`s attacks against the prime minister, saying it was "not in the favour of the nation."

Union Minister of State for Agriculture Harish Rawat said the activists, in the name of fighting corruption, were destroying democratic institutions.

"In the name of fighting corruption they want to destroy all institutions. It will not be accepted," Rawat said.

"PM`s post is the highest institution in democracy, attacking it is not in favour of the nation," he said.

Another Congress leader Keshav Rao said the government has taken several steps to control corruption.

"We invited a private group to come and sit and draft a bill (Lokpal). The government has taken it seriously. The nation has taken up the issue... The spirit of the agitation is being taken seriously. And we are doing it... But you must give scope for everybody to speak," he said.

"This is an infantile approach and absolutely uncalled for. The entire nation knows corruption has to be fought and we are fighting it," Rao said.

Ramdev, during a speech earlier Sunday, said the PM needed to ensure "political honesty" along with "personal honesty".

"The PM said that `I am honest`, but the country does not see you as an individual," Ramdev said.

"The nation respects you for being an honest individual, but you should also be honest politically. The country sees you as the person holding the highest constitutional post. Your personal honesty is not enough... Keep your cabinet honest," he added.

Members of team Anna had also attacked the prime minister recently. The anti-corruption group had come out with documents levying corruption allegations against several union cabinet ministers. They have also slammed parliament and MPs on several occasions.


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