`Relief camps in riot-hit UP districts in appalling condition`

NHRC team described as appalling the conditions in relief camps in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts of Uttar Pradesh.

New Delhi: A National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) team described as appalling the conditions in relief camps in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts of Uttar Pradesh and suggested that the state government frame a policy to provide relief to families of missing persons.

The team visited four relief camps in Shamli district on October 10, and three relief camps and one violence affected Kutba village in Muzaffarnagar district on October 11, a report released by NHRC on Monday said.

The Commission has asked the state government and district administrations to look into its observations and recommendations and submit a report within two weeks in this regard.

"The team found that the living conditions in almost all the relief camps were appalling. The displaced persons were living in make-shifts tents, having no protection against the vagaries of nature. On October 11, there was rain in the morning and when the team visited the camps, it found many tents were waterlogged," it noted.

The inmates of the camps complained of insufficient ration supply, inadequate medical facilities while some also expressed indignation over the partisan attitude of police.

The team has found the medical staff to be "quite incompetent" while some inmates also complained of only four or five generic medicines had been provided at the camps and the same medicines was administered for all sorts of diseases.

It said the Chief Medical Officer, Muzaffarnagar was "highly irresponsible and unreliable".

"During interaction with NGOs, it was reported that eight persons had died in Loi camp but the CMO, Muzaffarnagar denied that there had been any death in the camp. On visiting the camp, however, the team found that two new born babies and 5 other inmates had actually died," the report said.

The Commission also stated that 13 persons are still missing and immediate steps should be taken to trace them.

"The Government should consider formulating a policy for providing relief to the families of the missing persons after waiting for a certain period," it suggested.
The monetary compensation for loss or damage of houses and movables should be immediately disbursed. If the compensation is subsequently revised, the additional amount could be paid later, the commission held.