‘Rs 28.53 cr of unaccounted money seized in UP’

Unaccounted money continue to flow in Uttar Pradesh during 2012 pre-poll season.

Lucknow: Unaccounted money continue to flow
in Uttar Pradesh during this pre-poll season as Rs 28.53 crore
have so far been seized from different parts of the state, a
senior Election Commission official said on Monday.

"The surveillance teams and flying squads today recovered
Rs 27 lakh. With this, the total recovery in the state so far
is Rs 28.53 crore," Additional Chief Electoral Officer Anita
Meshram told reporters.

She said the Election Commission has issued fresh
directives regarding seizure of money.

"If criminality is suspected or if any link with any
candidate or political party is suspected that the cash may be
used for bribing voters, then the whole amount will be
seized," Meshram said.

The officer said if the cash found is above Rs 2.5 lakh
with no links to any candidate or political party and
criminality is suspected, then the Income Tax authorities
would be involved in the probe.

She said that the EC has mentioned certain cases where
seizure would not be done.

"If the person is carrying cash from his business place
to bank for deposit and submits documents no seizure will be
done, but he will be required to submit a copy of bank deposit
slip," she said.

Similar provision would be effective in case if a person
without having link with any candidate or political party has
to withdraw cash from the bank, Meshram said.

"Any cash being carried for marriage purpose will not
be seized, if person concerned produces a declaration along
with documents like marriage invitation," Meshram said.

She said that cash meant for medical treatment would not
be seized if the person carrying money produces declaration
along with proof of medical admission or treatment.

"It has been directed that checking will be done in
presence of executive magistrate and the process will be
video-graphed. A person can obtain the CD after depositing Rs
300," she said.