Shahi calls Kushwaha`s induction into BJP a ‘blot’

Surya Pratap Shahi termed induction of tainted former BSP minister Babu Singh Kushwaha into the party as a blot on his tenure.

Lucknow: Breaking his silence on the issue before demitting office as Uttar Pradesh BJP chief, Surya Pratap Shahi today termed induction of tainted former BSP minister Babu Singh Kushwaha into the party as a blot on his tenure but said it was a decision taken by the party leadership and he had no role in it.

"During my tenure there was a black spot beacuse as the state president responsibility of Babu Singh Kushwaha comes on me," Shahi said addressing a function held to welcome new state party president Laxmi Kant Bajpai.

Shahi claimed he was informed barely two hours before the press conference where Kushwaha`s joining the party was to be announced and he went in the capacity of the state president.
"I thought before demitting office I should clear this blot. I had no contribution in Kushwaha`s joining and it was decided by the party leadership," he said.

The outgoing president said he did not deem it fit to say something on the issue at that time as polls were underway and it could have caused damage to the party.

"There is allegation that I took Rs 200 crore...In reality I am not guilty of even a single paisa, in fact I hadn`t seen him before the joining," he said.

"I thought this is the right time therefore I kept my side. I executed my responsibility," he said.

Shahi said during his tenure lasting around two years as the state president he made all efforts to serve the party and there was a wish that it gains success.
"I am disappointed on failing on the expectations. The very next day after poll results were announced I called the national president and asked him to relieve me and I am happy that this has been done," he said.

However, national vice-president Vinay Katiyar, who is said to have been behind Kushwaha`s induction, said "We will not hesitate and will do whatever order leadership gives. I am not bothered what people or media understands," he said.

He said the leadership ordered someone`s induction and he did the same. He also said the party slipped as there was decline in "Ramwad".

"This is the key word..This is the word which can lead to the power," he said.

Kushwaha`s induction into the BJP has been put on hold pending an enquiry into the charges against him.