`State govts have plundered UP`s wealth for 22 years`

Rahul Gandhi on Saturday hit out at successive governments under BJP, SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh for "lacking vision".

Bara: Accusing successive governments under
BJP, SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh of plundering public money,
Rahul Gandhi on Saturday hit out at these parties for "lacking
vision" for the state`s development and their "mistrust" of
Centre`s "pro-poor" policies.

"I am aghast that none of these parties appear to have a
vision for state`s development. All of them build their
support base on caste and communal line and reduced politics
to a narrow agenda," Gandhi said addressing an election rally
here, 5 kms from Allahabad.

The Congress general secretary alleged that whenever the
UPA took an important step towards fulfilling the promise to
common man, the NDA came up with "strange" query "where will
the money come from", while BSP supremo Mayawati sought to
cynically dismissed the step as "drama".

"We are unfazed by the opposition`s charge that we are
staging a drama. We are resolutely going to enact what they
are bound to describe as the biggest drama and that it the
Food Security Bill, which would eradicate the problem of
hunger," he said.

He took pot-shot at Samajwadi Party`s promise of providing
free laptops to students and claimed that the people of the
state will not be fooled by those whose regime has been marked
by lawlessness and have been in the habit of "promising the
impossible" whenever elections are round the corner.

In a hard hitting speech, Gandhi recalled that the
Congress led UPA had come to power in 2004 with the promise of
removing the plight of the common man at a time when the NDA
after having remained in power for six years was smugly
declaring "India Shining".

Gandhi said he would continue his fight till he succeeded
in ensuring that "those who till the fields do not stay

He lamented that in past 22 years, during which UP has
been ruled by BJP, BSP and SP, the state has witnessed at "a
snail pace and suffered plunder of public money by successive

He came down heavily upon Mayawati government in the
state and alleged that thousands of crores of rupees which
came to UP for MNREGA project, waiver of farmers loan and
special package for Bundelkhand region have been embezzled by
those in power.