Sushma gives governance `gurumantra` to new UP MLAs

Leader of Opposition in LS Sushma Swaraj gave `gurumantra` on how to become a popular legislator to newly elected MLAs of UP Legislative Assembly.

Lucknow: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj on Saturday gave `gurumantra` on how to become a popular legislator to newly elected MLAs of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

"The biggest wish of every MLA is `how to become the most popular legislator` and there are four important dimensions which, if followed, can make you popular," Sushma said during an orientation programme of first-time MLAs.

The four aspects are -- availability in the area, development initiatives, effective role in the House and personal behaviour.

"There should be time management...Fix time and meet people of your area...This time can be fixed as per your convenience. Electorates need a simple MLA even if a person is a big leader," she said.

"If you overlook your area, popularity will decline," she said, adding that this is true if the MLA does not pay attention to the development of the area.

"Expectations of the people have changed. They come with small works, but think about one big project which you want to execute in your area, with which people associate your name," Sushma said.

The BJP leader also said that the role the MLA plays in the Assembly is important as well.

"This is the era of television and media. If you do not raise issues then people say that MLA does not speak in the House. You have to play an effective role in the Assembly. Raise issues related to your area," she advised.

Finally, she said, the most important dimension was being clear and humble as "people can overlook any shortcoming, but they will not tolerate arrogance."
"Democracy cannot be imagined without Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha and they cannot be imagined without MPs and MLAs," she said.

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