Three suspended for Gaya Mahabodhi Express derailment

Three railway employees,including a cabin man and a station master suspended for Gaya- Mahabodhi Express derailment.

Ghaziabad: Three railway employees, including a cabin man and a station master, were today put under suspension in connection with the derailment of Gaya- Mahabodhi Express.

A coach of the Delhi-bound train had derailed near Chhipyana bridge, 10 km from Ghaziabad junction, on Wednesday when the train was to change the track. However, a major mishap was averted as the train`s
driver applied emergency break to control the high speed train.
Railway sources said that during a preliminary inquiry
it was found that the coach derailed due to carelessness of
the cabin man and his helper, who could not properly join the
rail tracks.

The cabin man followed the instructions of the station
master for the change of line, they said.

The sources, however, said that a detailed inquiry
will be completed into the matter within 15 days by the
Additional Commissioner, Traffic.