Uma Bharti attacks Cong on Muslim reservation

Uma Bharti also criticised UP CM Mayawati for proposing to increase the quota for Muslim community to 15 percent if voted back to power.

Dehra Dun: BJP leader Uma Bharti on Monday termed
Congress` promise of providing nine percent reservation to
backward Muslims in Uttar Pradesh as "anti-constitutional",
saying she would oppose the decision "tooth and nail".

"Congress` promise to give nine percent reservation to
backward Muslims is anti-constitutional as it would create a
wedge in the society on the basis of religion. We would oppose
tooth and nail any such move on the roads and in the
Parliament," she said.

Bharti lashed out at Congress President Sonia Gandhi and
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for accusing the BJP government
in Uttarakhand of not utilising Central funds and alleged that
the UPA government had a "discriminatory attitude".

"The Central funds remain unutilised as the proposals sent
by the state government were not given sanction in time due to
their (UPA government`s) discriminatory attitude against BJP
governments. This had also happened when I was Chief Minister
of Madhya Pradesh," she alleged.

The 52-year-old BJP leader also criticised Chief Minister
Mayawati for proposing to increase the quota for Muslim
community to 15 percent if voted back to power.

"I also want to ask Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati and Mulayam
Singh Yadav whether they would encroach upon the rights of the
Dalits and OBCs," Bharti said.

Bharti asked Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh to
come forward and tell people as to how the then Atal Bihari
Vajpayee government at the Centre "showed the generosity in
removing all hurdles for giving early sanction to the 1500-MW
Indira Sagar power project".

She also alleged that Congress had always saved its
leaders who indulged in corruption, something which the BJP
had never done.
"I would work for the cause of `Gai, Garib, Nari and Ganga
(Cow, the Poor, Women and river Ganga) after the elections are
over," she said.
Responding to a question on why she was contesting from
Uttar Pradesh and not anywhere else, the BJP leader fighting
for the Charkari Assembly seat in the upcoming polls, said, "I
would also like to contest from Uttarakhand if given a