Unidentified men attack policemen

A policeman and a homeguard were seriously injured, when three unidentified persons attacked them and looted their rifles in Bhuta area here, police said on Sunday.

Updated: Mar 13, 2011, 13:18 PM IST

Lifejackets made compulsory for fishermen in Goa
Panaji, Mar 13 (PTI) Goa Fisheries Department has made
wearing lifejackets compulsory for the fishermen at sea on
trawlers or canoes.
The state witnessed a devastating impact of cyclone Phyan
two years back, in which 60 fishermen were killed, largely due
to lack of safety gear.
Deputy Director of Fisheries Department, Nandkishor
Verlekar, said the lifejackets have been made mandatory from
February this year.
"The government has launched a financial assistant scheme
for the fishermen to procure these jackets," he said, adding
that 75 per cent of the cost of the jackets would be
reimbursed by the state government.
As per a rough estimate, there are around 10,000
fishermen in the state.
Verlekar said fishermen were "rattled and now fear going
off the coast without lifejackets," after the cyclone.
As per the state directive, there has to be a set of five
lifejackets and one life-buoy on the fishing canoes, while on
trawlers, each crew member will have to wear a jacket and
there has to be four life buoys. PTI
A Constable and homeguard Shiv Kumar Mishra were on their picket duty near Rasoolpur crossing last night, when they were assaulted, they said
The duo were admitted to a private hospital where their condition was stated to be serious, they added.