We have fielded only those with clean image: Maya

UP CM admitted that tainted elements had entered BSP in previous election but claimed she had fielded only those with a clean image this time.

Allahabad: Facing flak over "tainted" ministers
and MLAs, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Thursday admitted that
such elements had entered BSP in the previous election but
claimed she has got rid of them by fielding only those with a
clean image this time.

Attacking Congress, SP and BJP at a rally here, the BSP
supremo urged people to ensure that none of these parties is
able to form the next government in the state as it would lead
to lawlessness and communal tension and create a situation
where people will once again start feeling compelled to move
to places far away from their homes in search of livelihood.

"We have ensured that only those with clean image get party
ticket this time. We are exercising abundant caution as many
tainted elements had managed to enter the BSP during the last
assembly elections. They even succeeded in winning elections
on account of the tremendous following our party enjoys. But
their presence harmed our party`s reputation", Mayawati said.

"However, none of them, whether they held ministerial
positions or were just MLAs, was spared. In course of time,
all such elements have been booted out," she said adding that
her government has worked for betterment of all sections.

Coming down heavily on the Congress, Mayawati accused the
UPA government at the Centre of "discriminating against UP in
release of funds for welfare schemes" and dragging its feet
over various proposals aimed at ensuring better governance,
including carving out of smaller states.

Reacting to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi`s allegation that
she had lost touch with the masses after assuming power, she
said, "I have spent much of my life fighting for justice to
the lowest strata of the society.

"The Congress crown prince is unhappy over the fact that
now I do not have to run from pillar to post seeking justice
for the downtrodden but I can ensure that justice is done from
wherever I am."

Putting a brave face on the Election Commission`s order
for covering statues of herself as well as those of her party
symbol elephant, Mayawati said, "I am aware that my supporters
are unhappy over this step.

"The elections are an opportunity to give a befitting
reply by voting the BSP back to power with a thumping

Interestingly, the BSP supremo, who had been highly
critical of Hindu symbolism during her early political times,
appeared happy on seeing the turnout at her rally organised
in the vicinity of the holy Sangam and said it reminded her of
the "Kumbh Mela".

"We are near the Sangam where the Kumbh Mela would be held
less than a year from now. But your enthusiastic presence here
makes me feel that I am already at the Kumbh Mela. Keep up the
spirit on the day of voting and ensure our victory," she said.