Hazare praises Khanduri for Lokpal, slams Gujarat

The passage of the Lokayukta bill in Uttarakhand earned CM BC Khanduri praise from Anna Hazare.

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2011, 00:44 AM IST

New Delhi: The passage of the Lokayukta bill
in Uttarakhand on Friday earned Chief Minister B C Khanduri praise
from Anna Hazare, who urged the Centre and other states to
follow suit, even as he slammed BJP government in Gujarat for
not enacting a similar measure.

"The Lokayukta Bill passed by the Uttarakhand assembly
and its Chief Minister BC Khanduri is big thing for the
country.... Very soon you will see its effect when this law
reaches the villages and people will start to feel its
powers," Hazare said after meeting Khanduri here.

In reply to a poser on whether he was supporting BJP,
Hazare said, "Even Gujarat is a BJP ruled state. But it is not
implementing the Lokayukta bill for the past so many years. It
is not easy to make such law and it requires a concerted
effort of everyone which requires a strong leadership."

Praising Khanduri, he said the country is governed by the
rule of law and its system is based on justice. "We have
chosen the top-most people here to make strong laws, and I
think this work done by Khanduri is very important as it can
show a new path to the entire nation."

He said the Centre and other states should also follow
Uttarakhand`s example.

Appearing before a Parliamentary Committee yesterday, Team
Anna had demanded that the government version of the Lokpal
Bill should follow the Uttarakhand model.

"I feel assured that Uttarakhand will become the
headmaster for the entire nation for this law," he said.

Hazare said he was not praising any particular party but a
person who has worked for the passage of the Lokayukta bill.
Asked if UPA passes the Lokpal Bill in the Winter Session
of Parliament, he said, "We will definitely support them.
Whosoever works for the betterment of the country, we would
respect them. I will surely visit Uttarakhand."

Khanduri said Hazare has been his "inspiration" for the
passage of the bill.

The Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill brings under its purview
the Chief Minister, ministers and government servants,
including IAS and IPS officers, and with a provision for
punishment extending up to life imprisonment.