Uttarakhand: A three-year-old rescued, has nowhere to go

A three-year-old girl, who is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Dehradun and whose parents went missing since the flash loods hit Uttarakhand, is awaiting help.

Zee Media Bureau

Uttarakhand: While the security personnel involved in the relief and rescue operations have put in great efforts in rescuing those who were affected by the devastating floods in Uttarakhand and reuniting them with their families, there are many others who have either lost their loved ones or have nowhere to go.

According to the government figures, at least 1000 people have died and several hundreds have gone missing since the Himalayan state was hit by torrential rains, landslides and flash floods in the midst of this month.

Among those unlucky persons, who survived the nature`s fury but still waiting to be reunited with their family, is a three-year-old girl, who is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Dehradun.

The girl, whose parents went missing since the devastating flash floods hit Uttarakhand, was also badly injured.

The minor was rescued by security personnel from Rishikesh on june 24- almost a week after the state was hit by flash floods and landslides.
At the time when she was noticed and rescued by the rescuers, both of her legs were fractured and she had bruises all over her body.

She is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital but no one knows her name. The authorities are also clueless about her family.

"Workers of the helpline services brought her here... Both her legs are fractured after the flood disaster... The health of the girl is fine, but she is continuously crying," Dr SK Jain, Emergency Medical Officer was quoted as saying.
The child`s story has been covered by the national media and her pictures have been put up on the help desk set up by the Army and other agencies in Uttarakhand.

Let`s hope, the girl is reunited with her family soon.

If you happen to gather any information about the family of the girl, kindly call at helpline numbers 0120-2511182 and 0120-2515232. You can also send an email to mynews@zeenetwork.com.