Buddhadeb regrets weakening Left forces

Former WB CM said that Left parties have failed to fill the void in Indian politics.

Kolkata: Former West Bengal chief minister
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Sunday said the growth of regional
forces in the country caused by people`s alienation from the
Congress and the young generation`s disenchantment with the
BJP have created a void which the Left parties failed to fill

He said it is high time the Left parties formed an
alternative taking advantage of this void on the basis of
programmes tuned to people`s needs.

"The regional parties which are thriving are following
neo-liberal policies. There is a growth of regional forces in
the country now as Congress is alienated from the people,
particularly the young generation is showing disinclination
towards BJP`s communal politics," he told a Bengali news

But the big problem is that the Left parties are not able
to take the political space, Bhattacharjee regretted.

He said the Left parties should reach out to the people
who are veering round to the regional parties through
alternative programmes like movement against unemployment,
closure of factories and price rise.

But a left alternative to Congress and BJP would not come
merely by coining slogans, but by strengthening people`s
movement by taking up their causes.

He said the Left parties would try to forge unity with
non-Congress parties on the basis of their programmes and not
by looking at their leaders.

"During the Lok Sabha election in 2009 people did not
accept our call for creating a third alternative at the Centre
because our concept was not clear to people and it turns out
to be a hotch potch experiment," he said.

He admitted that following the rout of the left Front
in the last year`s Assembly election in West Bengal the Left
forces had weakened.

"Our aim is to overcome this weakness and the 20th
party congress between April 4 and April 9 in Kozikode would
discuss this threadbare," he said.

He also noted that the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election
verdict had proved that people had moved away from the
politics of casteism and communalism as the BSP and the BJP
suffered defeats.


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