Corporate lobby up against government: Mamata

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee claimed that a section of coroporate houses, who also run media businesses, was criticising her government. .

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata
Banerjee on Monday claimed that a section of coroporate houses,
who also run media businesses, was criticising her government
on different issues as they wanted her to lift the urban land

"Yes they are up in arms (against the government). Some
corporate houses who also run media houses wanted that I lift
the (Urban) land ceiling. I will not do so to serve their
business interests," she said in reply to a question during an
interview with Bengali TV channels.

"Where is land available in Kolkata? Land available has
been sold out. There is also a sentiment involved. People feel
protected, there is a sense of security. I have a right to
live in the city. Let the law remain, why change it
unnecessarily?" she asked.

"We can decide on a case to case basis as we cleared the
land for the Jindals. I cannot allow the relaxation of land
celing to allow someone to construct swimming pools or serve
individuals when there are people who do not have roofs on
their heads."

Under the land ceiling law, holdings in urban areas
cannot cross 7.5 cottahs. Holdings in the rest of Bengal will
have to be below 17.5 cottahs (irrigated) and 24.5 cottahs

She said there was conspiracy (against her government)
since the Amri fire incident and added law would take its own

She alleged, "Some donors of CPI(M) started saying after
the death of graphic artist Rizwanur Rehman that it was a
fight between the Marwaris vs Muslims. After the arrests in
the Amri case, they started to create a lobby and put pressure
that it was Marwari vs Bengali (episode).

"If a Bengali commits murder, can I say he should be
let off? A murderer is a murderer. A heinous politics is being
perpetrated by someone to serve their own interests. And this
conspiracy has started since the Amri incident.

"If anybody is a murderer, he remains a murderer. He
cannot be allowed to go scot free. The law would take its own
course." she said.

The police arrested seven of the 14 AMRI directors after
the fire.


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