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Assembly Elections 2016 Results


Party Lead Won
BJP 0 3
TMC 0 211
CPM+ 0 32
CONG 0 44
OTH 0 4

Tamil nadu (234)

Party Lead Won
BJP 0 0
AIADMK 0 134
DMK+ 0 98
DMDK+ 0 0
OTH 0 0

Assam (126)

Party Lead Won
BJP+ 0 86
CONG+ 0 26
AIUDF+ 0 13
OTH 0 1

Kerala (140)

Party Lead Won
BJP+ 0 1
LDF 0 82
UDF 0 47
OTH 0 10


Party Lead Won
BJP 0 0
CONG+ 0 17
OTH 0 9

CPI-M, BJP can't beat TMC in West Bengal, no post-poll alliance with Congress: Mamata Banerjee

Last Updated: Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 10:44
CPI-M, BJP can't beat TMC in West Bengal, no post-poll alliance with Congress: Mamata Banerjee
Zee Media Bureau

Kolkata: In one of her fiercest attacks on her political rivals, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has said that CPI-M, Congress, BJP can't win in West Bengal come what may.

The firebrand TMC leader also categorically ruled out any post-poll alliance with Congress, saying ''I don't need them anymore.''

Rejecting any possibilities of an alliance with the Congress, Mamata said, ''Congress leaders from Delhi used filthy language against her.''

"I don't need them (even after the polls). They are using filthy language... all leaders from Delhi. I never criticised even (late former prime minister) Rajiv Gandhi's family but this time, they all criticised (me). Who am I to forgive (them)? It is the people. But I am not going with them," Banerjee said in an interview to a TV news channel.

Mamata Banerjee also termed tie-up between the Congress and the CPI-M as a "big political blunder".

"In Kerala, the Congress is fighting against the CPI-M, and here in Bengal, they have the adjustment. They have lost credibility and so they have to catch hold of a political party,'' she added.

"The Congress can't go it alone in any state. I don't know why they (CPI-M) allowed... it is their greatest blunder and they will be finished for that. The Left Front has no existence and after the polls, they will disintegrate," she said, when asked if she was surprised by the CPI-M-Congress alliance.

She reiterated there was "an understanding between the CPI-M, Congress and BJP" and they were creating "nuisance" because the opposition knows they can't win in Bengal.

She also said the BJP doesn't know who are its friends.

"The BJP is quarrelling with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, they are quarrelling with me. They do not know who their friends are," she said.

Quizzed on whether she would like to help Kejriwal in Punjab, Banerjee affirmed, "I want to help him."

On Prime Minister Narendra Modi nearly completing two years in office, she said, "Modi is nothing, only empty words. Silence is golden in this regard."

On the Narada scam, Banerjee claimed everyone in her party was "honest" and the BJP, Congress and CPI-M "gave money for this scam" to further the agenda that the Trinamool was corrupt.

"That's absolutely wrong (that her party is not honest). It is a propaganda by the BJP, the CPI-M and the Congress. They are saying it to malign me. Everyone in my party is honest.

First Published: Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 09:58
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