Elderly man crushed to death by tusker

A 67-year-old man was trampled to death by an elephant in Nayagram village in West Bengal.

Midnapore: A 67-year-old man was
trampled to death by an elephant on Thursday in Nayagram village in
West Bengal`s West Midnapore district.

Abani Patnaik was taking a morning walk on the road along
a sugarcane field when a tusker suddenly emerged from the
fields and attacked him, police said.

The elephant lifted the man with its trunk to a height of
about 15 feet and threw him to the ground before brutally
smashing his head under its foot with such ferocity that the
man`s blood-soaked entrails got splattered around, the police

The whole incident occurred barely within seconds,
leaving fellow morning walkers dazed, and the elephant
disappeared into the sugarcane field, District Forest Officer
of Kharagpur Forest division, Milan Mondol, said.

He said they did not know the reason behind the
elephant`s sudden violent behaviour, but it could be linked to
the electrocution of a baby elephant about eight to 10 months
ago at the same place.

The killer elephant was among several "residential"
elephants who had stayed back after other members of the herd
went back to the Dalma hills from where they had descended,
the DFO said.