Left alleges "attack" on democracy by Mamata govt

West Bengal`s Left Front on Friday charged the state`s ruling Trinamool Congress-led coalition with unleashing a reign of terror on Left activists.

New Delhi: West Bengal`s Left Front on Friday
charged the state`s ruling Trinamool Congress-led coalition
with unleashing a reign of terror on Left activists and
launching an attack on democracy in the state.
"The Trinamool Congress-led ruling combine in West Bengal
has launched an unprecedented multi-pronged attack on
democracy at all levels. The government has unleashed a reign
of terror on Left activists across the state," Leader of the
Opposition in West Bengal Assembly Surjya Kanta Mishra told
reporters here.

Presenting a written document titled "all-out attack on
democracy in West Bengal" against the ruling combine in the
state, Mishra said ever since the last assembly election
results were decalred, 43 Left Front activists and supporters
have been murdered and 10 more were driven to commit suicide
while 55 were still reported missing.

Mishra charged Trinamool leaders with extortion from Left
activists and supporters for allowing them to stay peacefully
in their own homes and claimed an estimated sum of Rs 27.9
crore has already been extorted.
"To buy peace and stay in their home, people have been
forced to pay money to local Trinamool Congress leaders and
workers. According to the most conservative estimate, the
total extortion amount paid might exceed Rs 27.87 crore, even
though my estimate is Rs 50 crore," said Mishra.

He accused the Mamata Banerjee government of reversing the
process of land reforms and decentralisation of panchayats
that were brought about by the Left government. He also
alleged Left workers in power in panchayats were being forced
to resign.

"At least 10,000 acres of land under patta-holders has
been forcefully evicted and occupied by TMC workers," alleged
Mishra, adding that "in this regime, so far 596 gram panchayat
bodies run by Left have been "forcefully taken over and run
under TMC dictum."

The leader of the Opposition charged that "while Maoists
and KLO militants are being released as political prisoners,
thousands of Left Front activists have been implicated in
false cases on fabricated grounds."

"This is an all-out attack on every front against the
Left activists in the state", he alleged.

He charged the state is heading to an "anarchic situation"
where even Congress followers are not spared from such attacks
by Trinamool activists. ,

Mishra also alleged that "upto October 31, as many as 699
women were assaulted physically, 511 molested and 23 raped,
while 4,157 persons have been hospitalised for various
injuries. There have been 2,654 cases of arson and looting of
houses and 40,095 persons have been evicted from their place
of living and 3,185 Left leaders and activists have been
arrested in false and fabricated cases."
Mishra also claimed the state government was proposing to
bring an ordinance in the coming winter session of the
assembly whereby elected bodies are being replaced with
nominated ones.

"Already in the 50 per cent gram panchayats that are under
Left, the Left axtivists are being forced to resign or defect
to TMC. The law and order situation is deteriorating
fast...Also, there are evident signs of recession as a strong
negative message is going to the industry for not investing in
the state due to changed land acquisition policy," he said.

He also alleged Left workers were not allowed to hold
indoor meetings without any public address system and at least
40 letters written to the chief minister and a memorandum to
the prime minister has not helped restoration of democratic
rights for Left workers.


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