Mamata 5 years younger than official records

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is younger than her official age.

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister
Mamata Banerjee is younger than her official age.

How! The devil lay in a fake certificate, procured by
her father, which put five more years to her age to help her
appear in the school leaving examination.

In her recently published memoirs `My Unforgettable
Memories`, the politician revealed the truth about her age,
which was so far believed to be 57.

"I was not even 15 when I wrote my school final
examination and would have been disqualified for being
underage. So, my father gave a fictitious age and birthday to
get around the problem. The result: a new birthday and five
years added to my real age," writes Banerjee.

Apparently `Didi` was born on October 5, instead of
January five, as the book says that her mother had once given
her a horoscope with that date mentioned in it.

Her mother used to celebrate her birthday every Ashtami
(the eighth day of Durga Puja which falls in October) with a
special preparation of rice pudding, she says while explaining
how she has had two birthdays so far.

Even the Lok Sabha website shows January 5, 1955 as
her date of birth. She had resigned as MP last year to take
over as the chief minister of the state.

"To the world at large, my school certificate with its
erroneous date of birth is the legally valid document," she
rues in the book published by Roli Books.

When Banerjee once confronted her mother over the
mistake in her official date of birth, she had replied,
"Darling, we are not city-bred people. Neither you nor your
elder brother was born in a hospital. Where would I get a
birth certificate detailing your birthday and year?"