Mamata demands Buddhadeb`s resignation

WB CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee slammed Union Home Minister P Chidambaram`s assessment on law and order situation in the state.

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Wednesday slammed Union Home Minister P Chidambaram`s assessment on law and order situation in the state, while Trinamool demanded his resignation claiming that
he was silent on the existence of armed CPI(M) camps.

"Your assessment of the situation in the state is surprising and is far from an impartial overview of the situation," Bhattacharjee said in his reply to the Home Minister`s letter.

The chief minister took exception to use of the word

"I strongly object to your using the word `harmad` to
describe CPI(M) workers without knowing the actual meaning of
this `nasty` word coined by Trinamool Congress leaders."

Bhattacharjee, however, also said, "I am trying to
disarm and demobilise all armed groups engaged in violence in
some pockets in the state."

Trinamool supremo Banerjee, on the other hand, accused
Bhattacharjee of skirting the main issue of the existence of
armed CPI(M) camps and demanded his resignation since the Home
Minister`s letter was tantamount to application of Article

"Chidambaram`s letter is serious, but the chief
minister`s reply is casual and vague. There is no mention in
the reply on the main issue of existence of CPI(M) armed

"Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee should quit as he has been
brazenly violating the Constitution and unleashing state-
sponsored terrorism in the name of curbing Maoists," she told
a press conference hours after the chief minister`s reply was
released to the press.

She also defended the use of the word `harmard` in
Chidambaram`s letter in a reference to CPI(M) armed camps.

"They are of course harmards. Harmards are a type of
mercenaries who move about with AK-47, stenguns, high
explosives and lethal weapons. How else will I describe them?"

Bhattacharjee claimed that Trinamool Congress which
earlier had "secret contacts" with Maoist leaders and outfits
was now openly organising meetings with them.

He also sought to correct Chidambaram on the figures
cited by him on the fallout of the violence, saying "69 CPI(M)
workers were killed in political clashes and 723 injured,
while 32 Trinamool Congress activists were killed and 601
injured. One Congress supporter was killed and 111 were

The Trinamool supremo, however, rubbished her party`s
links with Maoists and alleged that "the chief minister
himself is a Maoist leader and is acting as a mask of the

Stating that Chidamabaram had only advised the state
to follow raj dharma, she said when there was "state-sponsored
terrorism" and violation of constitutional and fundamental
rights of the people, "it is time to ask the state government
to follow raj dharma.

"The spirit of Chidambaram`s letter is to advise the
government to follow raj dharma. The Centre has acted within
the parameters of the Constitution," she said.

Similar advice was given by the Centre to the Gujarat
government during the riots there, she pointed out.