Mamata hopes good sense to prevail upon Maoists

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Friday warned Maoists that her patience was wearing thin.

Balarampur (WB): Hoping that `good sense`
would still prevail among Maoists who have rejected her
ultimatum to surrender, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata
Banerjee on Friday sounded a warning that her patience was wearing
"I don`t wants guns against guns, but if necessary I
will silence their guns. How many guns and landmines do they
have?" Banerjee said on her third visit to junglemahal.

"I have given lot of time and if good sense prevails I
have no objection. I will give you food, jobs, houses and
roads and consider your cases."

Referring to the reported hit list of her party
leaders drawn up by Maoists, she asked "Do you want to kill
me? (union minister) Mukul (Roy)? Or (MP) Subhendu

Reminding maoists that her government had suspended
the operations by the joint security forces for four months
expecting them to come forward with demands for the people of
junglemahal, she said, "You are not my enemies, but those who
kill are my enemies".

"I had hoped that you would demand rice for the poor,
roads and jobs. If you have the guts stop killing covertly and
come out into the open. If people unitedly resist you they
will drive out the killers. I will not allow the Ayodhya Hills
here to be bloodied anymore," she said here in Purulia

Presenting the aged and frail-looking mother of
Trinanool Congress leader Jitu Singh Sardar killed in
Balarampur last week, at the rally here in Purulia district
she said "Is this poor old lady a class enemy?

"Why should you kill poor people like cowards? Is it
Stalinism or Maoism? Politics is not done under cover of
darkness," she said dubbing Maoists as `supari killers`.

Announcing that people who died fighting Maoists would
be looked after by her government, she urged villagers not to
be scared of Maoists and asked for building up of resistance
groups in every village.
Banerjee said if Maoists in Nepal could join democracy
and the government, why those here were resorting to violence
and killing.

The chief minister also warned Maoist sympathisers,
"We are keeping a tab on those helping Maoists."

She said that Maoists were floating new organisations
as a new strategy such as All Bengal Students Union, Chetna
Manch and Nari Adhikar Raksha.

Banerjee announced sops including jobs, development
initiatives like medical colleges, polytechnics, a stadium
and training centres for preparing youths for employment.

Stating that the tourism industry would be developed in
the Ayodhya hills, she said that 20 factories would be built
in the district to provide employment.


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