No Indian govt role in Purulia arms drop: CBI

CBI has evidence and details about Kim Davy in which he carried out the Purulia arms drop.

New Delhi: The CBI on Friday said there was no
evidence linking any Indian politician or government agency
with the Purulia arms drop case of 1995, dismissing claims of
accused Kim Davy that the clandestine work was carried out by
"political forces" at the Centre to destabilise the Left front
Government of West Bengal.

The agency said it has "clinching" evidence against
mastermind Kim Davy`s alleged "act of terror" and is making
all efforts to bring him to India to face trial in the case.

"CBI has clinching evidence against Kim Davy and has
elaborate details about the manner in which he carried out the
Purulia arms drop. There is no evidence that any government
agency or Indian politician helped him," CBI spokesperson
Dharini Mishra said.

Davy, prime accused in the Purulia arms drop case, had
claimed to a TV channel that the then PV Narasimha Rao
government had plotted the operation to destabilise the West
Bengal government by arming locals in the state.

He had also claimed that India`s external intelligence
agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) planned the operation
with the help of its British counterpart MI-5 on the Centre`s

"CBI is making all efforts to bring him (Davy) to India.
CBI has been able to establish in Indian court and to Danish
Government that Davy`s crime is tantamount to act of terror,"
she said in the statement.

Meanwhile, high level government sources said Davy`s
claim is "far fetched" and a "tactic to complicate" the
process of his extradition from Denmark.

They said there was no need for the Centre to take help
from people like Davy to dismiss an elected dispensation as
there were various other methods available to destabilise the
state government.

"The then Central (Congress) government had no intention
to destabilise the Jyoti Basu government by arming people
opposed to it," the sources said.

The government sources rejected Davy`s claim that Indian
agencies were in the know of the arms drop, saying "it is
completely false. Otherwise the Central government would not
have approached the Danish government for his extradition."

A lower court in Denmark has ordered the extradition of
Niels Christien Nielsen alias Kim Davy to India following
which he approached the higher court in that country,
challenging the lower court order.

Sources said that by making allegations against the
Indian government he wants to complicate the whole issue and
wants to further delay his extradition to India.

Denmark government wanted India to ensure that Davy would
not be given death sentence if he is extradited, which was
agreed to.