No more forced land acquisition: Buddhadeb

The CM said the LF govt has decided to be more careful before acquiring land for industry.

Kolkata: Emphasising that the Left Front government in West Bengal has learnt a necessary lesson from the Singur fiasco, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Saturday said it has decided to be more careful before acquiring land for industry.

"In no way will as Singur-like situation will take place in Bengal in the future. We have learnt a lesson from Singur. We have taken a decision that we will take more careful steps before acquiring land for industry," Bhattacharjee said during an interview in a Bengali news channel here.

After an anti-land acquisition movement led by the Trinamool Congress, Tata Motors had changed plans to start its Nano car`s plant in Singur in West Bengal`s Hooghly district in 2008.

The Chief Minister said that the government would not acquire fertile land for setting up new industrial plants and lands will be taken from land owners after building consensus.

"Before taking land from land owners we will ensure that land is acquired on consensus basis. We have to ensure that people eagerly offer their land," he said.

"The government will prefer that industrialists acquire land on their own in the state and it will intervene if any problem arises in the process. The government will also intervene if industrialists while buying land offer lower price than the prevailing market price to the land owners," he said.