People want Lokpal Bill to be passed: Sri Sri

Sri Sri Ravishankar said corruption cannot be prevented by legislation only but supported a strong Lokpal Bill as people want it.

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2011, 21:39 PM IST

Kolkata: Sri Sri Ravishankar on Friday said
corruption cannot be prevented by legislation only but
supported a strong Lokpal Bill as people want it.

"There has to be a spiritual awakening among the people
and politicians so that they do not indulge in corrupt
practices," he told newsmen here.

Asked whether the government is serious in introducing
the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Parliament, he said, "I wish they
are. There are people in the government who are against
corruption. They should pursue the matter so that the bill is
issued in Parliament. I do not see why there should not be
strong Lokpal Bill, because people want it."

On Congress leader Digvijay Singh`s Twitter post calling
him `plan c of BJP-RSS combine to divert public attention from
its terror links`, he said, "Everyone has a right to make
statements. I respect them."

The spiritual leader, who is here on a three-day visit,
met the government officials today to expedite measures to
curb price rise and said such measures if delayed would be

There was no `magic solution` to the problem, he said,
adding, "I request the Prime Minister and the Union Finance
Minister to think creatively in solving the problem."

The Art of Living teacher would promote patriotism and
raise awareness against corruption. He is scheduled hold
`satsangs` at Midnapore, Barrackpore and Siliguri.

The Art of Living teacher, who expressed `gladness` at
the change of government in West Bengal after 34 years, said
that fast change, however, should not be expected.

"Change is good and should take place. But the new
government should be given time."

Stressing that he wanted the people of West Bengal to be
more `resilient,` he said, industry has taken a back seat
here. "The youth here are waiting for government jobs. But I
want more entrepreneurship in the state so that employment can
be generated. There must be zero unemployment and 100 per cent
literacy in this state," he said.

Art of Living Foundation is conducting youth leadership
training projects in 18 districts in the state, he said and
added he wanted a counsellor in all villages in the country to
counsel the youth against the use of drugs and alcohol.