‘Some people’ creating confusion on Teesta: Mamata

WB CM Mamata Banerjee blamed "some people" for creating "confusion" on the Teesta water sharing issue.

New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister
Mamata Banerjee on Saturday blamed "some people" for creating
"confusion" on the Teesta water sharing issue and hoped that
cordial ties between India and Bangladesh would continue.
"Some people created confusion on (Teesta water
issue)... we maintained the best relations with Bangladesh and
I hope India and Bangladesh will work together," Mamata said
on the sidelines of National Development Council meet here.

She also denied having any issues with the Centre over
the Tinbigha corridor.

"There is no issue over the Tinbigha with our
government. I am not informed about the Tinbigha issue. It is
between India and Bangladesh government," she said when asked
whether she is annoyed with the Centre on Tinbigha issue.

While Mamata had declined to be part of the Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh`s visit to Dhaka last month, she was
absent during the Bangladesh Prime Minister`s visit to
Tinbigha corridor on October 19.
"We also have good relations with Bangladesh so question
of differences (on Tinbigha and Teesta) does not arise," she

Asked about her stand on the threat from Maoists, she
said she is very much against bloodshed and wants them to join
the mainstream.

"They are our brothers and sisters and they should come
forward and join the national mainstream and whatever they
want from the government we are willing to discuss. We will
give them full package," she said.

She said the option of discussion should be open in a
democracy. We can discuss, we can negotiate, if they listen to
us, then it is good. We do not want bloodshed or bloodbath. We
do not encourage killings."

Asked whether Naxalites have changed their stand and are
now opposing her government in the state, Banerjee said, "It
is not true. Their sister organisations contested elections
against us. They contested Parliament elections and also
assembly elections. They boycotted the elections and because
of that CPI(M) won some seats."

However, she said, "All Naxalites are not bad. There are
some good Naxalites who are doing good work. One section does
not believe in democracy but it is their prerogative. We want
them to come into the national stream."

Expressing her readiness for talks, she said, "I am ready
for talks but we are against bloodshed or killings. Every drop
of blood is important we must sacrifice blood for the country
and for humanity. But individual killings will not give any

Disagreeing with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha`s
observation that NDC is useless, she said it is not a
political platform but one where any state can raise the issue
of development.

"This is not a political platform where I can raise my
political views. There is a basic difference between a
political issue and development issue. I do agree with other
states when they raise their developmental issues at the NDC,"
she said.