We will establish industry in Singur if people want: Buddhadeb

WB’s CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said industry could again be set up at the place from where the Tatas pulled out their small car project in Singur if the people so wished.

Singur: West Bengal’s Chief Minister Buddhadeb
Bhattacharjee on Sunday said industry could again be set up at the
place from where the Tatas pulled out their small car project
in Singur if the people so wished.

"If the people are willing, then we will establsish
industry on the same land from where the Tatas pulled out,"
Bhattacharjee who visited Singur for the first time since the
Tatas withdrew their Nano project in October 2008 told a Left
Front rally.

Referring to the Trinamool Congress agitation against
land acquisition for the small car project which led the Tatas
to leave, Bhattacharjee said, "When we decided to bring the
Nano factory to Singur, we had thought it would help in the
economic growth of the area which would be much more than
from agriculture.

"But we never thought that a political party will
create a situation where Tatas will have to withdraw," he

"The withdrawal of the Nano factory from Singur was
not a loss to the Tatas because they are doing good business
from Gujarat, but it was a great loss for the people of Singur
and for the state," Bhattacharjee said.

Bhattacharjee, without naming the Trinamool Congress
said "Whenever we have worked for development they have only
tried to obstruct us and with violence. Bhattacharjee referred to the new township at Rajarhat
on the outskirts of the metropolis where the Trinamool
Congress has alleged a massive land scam. "They are trying to
stop the Rajarhat project now where we are constructing a

He also charged Rail Minister Mamata Banerjee with
taking her official responsibilities lightly and being
untruthful about jobs being provided in the railways.

"Nobody will get a job in the railways. Right now
there are two lakh vacancies in the railways, but how many
have got jobs," the chief minister asked.

Holding the Congress-led UPA responsible for price
rise, Bhattacharjee said, "We have told the government
repeatedly to regulate the prices of 14 essential commodities,
but nothing has been done so far."

"Food inflation has reached 18 per cent, people are
reeling under price rise while some are becoming richer and
richer," he said.

"When the government has lost 1.76 lakh in the 2G
spectrum scam, they cannot spend a few thousand crores for the
rationing system which will give some respite to the common

Terming Congress and its partner Trinamool Congress as
the parties of the rich, Bhattacharjee said "Only the Left
Front has fought for the poor and continues to do so."

Some time before the chief minister arrived for the
rally, the police fired teargas shells to disperse
a stone-throwing mob of Trinamool Congress-backed Krishi
Jami Raksha Committee which entered the abandoned premises of
the factory five km away.

They demanded return of 400 acres `forcibly acquired`
by the West Bengal government for the Nano project saying
they did not want industry.

The mob turned on the police with brickbats when they
intervened, but were dispersed.


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