13 Chinese sailors killed after ships hijacked

Thirteen Chinese nationals were killed in an attack by suspected drug trafficker near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Beijing: Thirteen Chinese nationals were
killed in an attack by suspected drug traffickers on two cargo
ships near the Thai-Myanmar border, prompting Beijing to
suspend trips through Southeast Asia`s Golden Triangle.

The crew members on two cargo ships attacked on October 5
in the "Golden Triangle", where the borders of Myanmar,
Thailand and Laos meet.

Thai authorities today confirmed that all the 13 Chinese
crewmen were killed and identified the killers as a drug ring
operating in the Mekong River in north Thailand.

Investigators suspected that a drug ring of Shan, or Tai
Yai, ethnic group led by Nor Kham was responsible for the

Nor Kham, 40, wanted in Thailand and Myanmar for drugs
trafficking, had expanded his illegal activities to collect
protection money from Chinese-flagged cargo ships a few years

The gang hijacks ships plying the river and demand
protection money from them. If they refuse to pay, it kills
the crew and take over the ships to deliver drugs from Myanmar
to Thailand.

After the incident, China has ordered its citizens and
cargo vessels to suspend trips along the Mekong, said Foreign
Ministry spokesman Liu.


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