2nd round of Israel-Palestine peace talks in Sharm el-Sheikh

Isarel and Palestine will hold second round of peace talks in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Cairo: Isarel and Palestine will hold
second round of peace talks in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of
Sharm el-Sheikh on September 14 and 15 in the presence of US
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and Israeli Prime
Minister Binjamin Netanyahu will lead the negotiations with
Clinton in Sharm-el Sheikh, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said
in a statement.

Abbas and Netanyahu relaunched their direct peace
talks at a Washington summit Thursday last after a 20-month

Clinton will be assisted by US Special Envoy for
Mideast Region George Mitchell during the talks and the
Secretary of State would visit Jerusalem the next day for
further talks, the State Department announced in Washington.

The last direct peace talks between Palestine and
Israel ended in December 2008, when Israeli forces invaded
Gaza to halt Hamas rocket fire on Israel.

The Palestinian authority for borders has announced
the Rafah border will be closed during the minor Bayram from
Friday next until Sunday night. The border will be re-opened
on September 13.

The Authority said the closure came upon a request
from Egypt as the officers at the borders will be on vacation.


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