49 injured in a bomb blast in China`s Tibetan county

A bank cashier fired for stealing money threw gasoline bomb inside the bank.

Updated: May 14, 2011, 00:26 AM IST

Beijing: About 49 people were injured in
a bomb explosion on Friday at a rural bank in a Tibetan county in
northwest Chinese province, apparently set off by a
disgruntled employee.

The explosion at Rural Credit Cooperatives in Tianzhu
Tibetan Autonomous County in the city of Wuwei in Gansu
Province left 49 people injured, among whom 19 people suffered
serious burns on the face and hands, Wang Gui, vice president
of the People`s Hospital in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County
told official media today.

The county government said police had apprehended a
man suspected of setting fire to the bank.

Yang Xianwen, a former bank employee, allegedly
ignited a bottle of gasoline and threw it into the bank.
The suspect, who fled the scene after the fire
started, was caught by police at 5 pm, said a spokesman with
the county government.

Yang, who had been fired for embezzling public funds,
allegedly started the fire out of revenge, according to the
county government.

Tianzhu County is 128 km from Lanzhou, the provincial
capital. One-third of the county`s 210,000 residents are

The government identified the incident as a case of
"arson" in a press release, official Xinhua news agency

Blast went off at the at around 8:30 am, when all the
bank employees were having a meeting.

A witness who declined to be named said someone
ignited a homemade "gasoline bomb".

He said he saw more than 10 people throwing
themselves out of the window of the fourth-floor meeting room,
while many others, with charred bodies and limbs, were carried
out of the building on stretchers, Police cordoned off the
street for investigation shortly after the accident.

Tianzhu County is 128 km from Lanzhou, the provincial
capital. A third of the county`s 210,000 residents are
Tibetans. The incident in the backdrop of tensions at Aba
County of the southwest China`s Sichuan Province, which last
month witnessed unrest between police and Tibetan protesters.

Earlier a 16-year-old monk self immolated on March 16
at Kirti Monastery in the Sichuan province.