5 `high vale` terror suspects were planning attacks: Police

The 5 "high value" terror suspects held in Sargodha are US nationals with links to the banned JeM and were allegedly planning terror attacks in Pak, a senior cop has said.

Updated: Dec 10, 2009, 19:45 PM IST

Lahore: The five "high value" terror
suspects arrested in the eastern city of Sargodha are US
nationals with links to the banned Jaish-e-Mohammed and were
allegedly planning terror attacks in Pakistan, a senior police
official said today.

All five youths were on the US Federal Bureau of
Investigation`s "watch list" and were nabbed after police
received a tip-off about their suspicious activities, Sargodha
district police chief Usman Anwar said.

The youths had links with the banned Jaish-e-Mohammed,
which is blamed for a number of terror attacks in India, and a
scrutiny of their laptop computers and email accounts had
revealed that they were in touch with militants and were
"planning for terror attacks", Anwar told.

Asked if the youths also had links with Al Qaida,
Anwar said: "They are high value suspects but I can’t say
anything more at the moment."

Though all five are US nationals, one is of Yemeni
origin, one of Egyptian origin, one of Ethiopian origin and
two are of Pakistani descent, he said.

They were identified as Ahmed Mani, Ramy Zamzam, Iman
Hasan, Omar Farooq and Waqar Khan.

They entered Pakistan through the Pakistani port city
of Karachi on November 30 before travelling to Lahore and then
to Sargodha earlier this month.

Police registered a case against the youths under the
Foreigners Act before handing them over to intelligence