9/11: Muslim radicals burn US flag in London

Nearly 100 Muslim radicals shouted ‘USA terrorists’ and were holding up anti-American placards.

London: A group of Muslim protesters in London set fire to the American flag outside the US embassy during a minute`s silence to mark the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Nearly 100 Muslim radicals, including members of Muslims Against Crusades, shouted ‘USA terrorists’ and were holding up anti-American placards, the Daily Mail reports.

Another small group of Muslims staged a counter-demonstration near the embassy, holding placards that read ‘Muslims Against Extremism’ and ‘If You Want Sharia, Move To Saudi’.

A 41-year-old man, who waved a sign that read ‘Keep The Silence’, travelled to London from his home in Glasgow to show the strength of his feelings.

“I`m a Muslim. What they`re doing is bringing shame on all Muslims. This is not part of the teachings of Islam. Islam is all about peace, but what they want to do is hate other people,” he said.

The 60-strong group briefly scuffled with police as they were forced away from their original location to a different part of Grosvenor Square.

According to the report, around 24 people were arrested for breach of the peace.


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