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Afghans do not see return of Taliban: Hillary Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that majority of the people in Afghanistan do not see return of the Taliban.

Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton on Wednesday said that majority of the people in Afghanistan
do not see return of the Taliban, and expressed her full faith
in General David Petraeus, the new commander of US-led NATO
forces in Afghanistan.

"In every survey that`s been done, the people of
Afghanistan do not want to see the return of the Taliban. Yet,
at the same time, they are constantly under attack by a
relatively small, but nevertheless lethal suicidal band of
extremists," Clinton told TVP`s Tomasz Lis in an interview.

"The trick is to create the conditions where the
people will feel secure enough to stand up to the Taliban. And
in much of the country that exists, but in many key areas --
particularly in the south -- it is still a very difficult
fight," she said.

When asked about Gen David Petraeus, who has just
taken over command in Afghanistan, Clinton said the General
was very successful in Iraq, and she believes that he would be
successful in Afhanostan also.

"The (US) President (Barack Obama) and I, we certainly
have a lot of confidence in him," Clinton said.

"Now, no one is understating the difficulty. But the
reason why we`re there is because we recognise the threat that
an ungoverned, failed state that provides safe haven to
terrorists presents to all of us. And, despite how difficult
the conflict has been, you can point to slow but steady
progress. And part of our challenge is to accelerate that
progress, and to institutionalise it," she said.


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