African delegation meets Egypt`s Mohamed Morsi

A high-level African Union mission met with Egypt`s Mohammed Morsi, in the Islamist leader`s second meeting with international diplomats this week.

Cairo: A high-level African Union mission met with Egypt`s ousted president Mohammed Morsi, in the Islamist leader`s second meeting with international diplomats this week after nearly a month in secret detention, the head of the delegation said on Wednesday.

Egypt`s Army has held Morsi incommunicado at undisclosed locations since pushing him from power in a July 03 coup. But the country`s military-backed interim leadership is coming under increasing international criticism about Morsi`s continued detention, and allowing two visits in quick succession appeared to be an attempt to ease at least some of the pressure on the new administration.

Despite the fact that outsiders have now visited the former president twice in recent days, his location still remains shrouded in mystery. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met with him on Monday, but said she did not know where he is being held.

The head of the AU delegation, former Mali president Alpha Oumar Konare, also offered no clues on Morsi`s location, but told reporters that he had a "very frank meeting" with him. He gave no details of the discussions, which Egypt`s state news agency said lasted an hour.

"We had a very good meeting with President Morsi," Konare said. "Permit me not to talk about it for the time being because probably there will be other meetings."

The visit comes on the heels of Ashton`s talks with Morsi late Monday, which marked the deposed leader`s first contact with the outside world since he was detained. She said that the former Egyptian leader is doing well, and has access to newspapers and television.

The military originally said it was holding Morsi for his own safety. But last week, authorities announced he was being detained pending an investigation into allegations that he conspired with the militant Palestinian Hamas group to escape from prison during the 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Morsi`s supporters have called his detention illegal, dismissed the accusations against as politically motivated and are pushing for his immediate release.

The AU High Panel for Egypt, a special delegation formed by the continental body after the ouster of Morsi, has been in Egypt since the weekend. It has been holding talks with state officials, including the country`s interim president and defence minister.

Konare said his team also plans to meet with members of Morsi`s Muslim Brotherhood, which has denounced the coup and vowed to keep up its near daily protests until he is reinstated.