America`s relationship with China is very complex: White House

The White House said Washington`s relationship with Beijing is a "complex" one wherein the 2 countries have areas of co-operation and disagreement.

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2012, 00:45 AM IST

Washington: With China`s alleged unfair trade practices popping up as a major election issue in the US, the White House Monday said Washington`s relationship with Beijing is a "complex" one wherein the two countries have vast areas of co-operation and areas of disagreement.

The Obama administration said it would not hesitate to take strong action against the alleged unfair trade practices of China which harms to American businesses and manufacturing sector.

"The (US) President (Barack Obama) believes that we have an extremely important broad relationship with China. And there are significant vast areas of cooperation and there are areas of disagreement," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

"The President makes clear, and has made clear, since he took office that when there are clear indications of unfair trade practices, that harm American workers, or harm American companies, his administration will take action," he said.

"That was true with imports of Chinese tires, and it`s been true of, I believe, eight actions taken up at the World Trade Organisation," he added.

"And that`s the President`s commitment... He believes that if we have a trading relationship that`s fair, that allows for fair competition by American companies and American workers, that that`s beneficial for both countries and it`s certainly beneficial for the American economy and American workers. And that`s his approach," Carney said.

However, it does not mean the US cannot continue to cooperate with China as they have on a variety of issues, he stressed.

"Our relationship is very complex, it is very broad and it is very deep, and the president is committed to all aspects of it, and he is committed to making clear through the actions that he`s taken and in his conversations with Chinese leaders where we disagree and where we need to remedy inequities that have existed in the past that have put American workers and American companies at a disadvantage," Carney said.