Angola: ‘30 dead in military plane crash’

The Brazilian-made aircraft which had several Army officers on board crashed after takeoff.

Luanda: A military plane crashed on Thursday at
Huambo airport in central Angola killing at least 30 people,
including three army generals, a military official told a news agency.

"I don`t know what happened, the plane was fine during
taxi and takeoff, and then I really do not know what
happened," captain Jose Goncalves who is one of the survivors
said from hospital.

The Brazilian-made aircraft which had several army
officers on board crashed after takeoff.

Six survivors were taken to a military hospital and
treated for burn wounds, a doctor said.

A hospital official said five suffered second degree burn
wounds and one passenger was treated for first degree burn

The plane was due to stop over in Benguela en route to
the capital Luanda.

The dead were not immediately identified and the cause of
the accident is not yet known, said national news agency

Oil-rich Angola, which vies with Nigeria for the title of
Africa`s top producer of crude, has been on a massive
infrastructure spending spree since the end of its nearly
three-decade civil war which ended in 2002.


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