Anna Chapman’s new footage shows her social tactics

The spy used traditional business networking skills to enter into US society.

London: A new footage of Russian spy Anna Chapman reveals how the redhead charmed her way into American society by using old-fashioned business networking skills.

The unaired interview shows Chapman speaking confident but imperfect English, and with an accent, which mingles Russian and American inflections.

"I was someone who had just arrived to [sic] New York, basically just arrived. I didn`t know anyone, like maybe in Europe I know most of the peoples [sic] but here I knew no one.”

"And this event was something to start with and that really made a difference to me and now I know a lot of people introduced me to someone else and those introduced me to someone else so now I know where to go if I have something to solve," The Telegraph quoted Chapman as saying.

The statements mirror her husband, Alex Chapman’s confusion about his wife’s coming and goings.

“I suggested working as an English tutor, so she took me to an obscure building and pinned a notice on the wall and the next day I had 10 phone calls. I couldn’t quite work it out,” he said.

Chapman, who got divorced from her husband in 2006, had introduced Alex Chapman to her father during their honeymoon in 2002. Chapman’s father was "high up in the ranks of the KGB” according to her.

“I asked her what her father’s job was and Anna just said he was there to represent the Russian government in certain areas of government,” said Mr Chapman.

“He didn’t trust anyone. He asked me why I had chosen a Russian bride and asked what business I had in Russia, and I said none.”


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