Another scandal tumbles out of UK Olympics closet

Claudia Blunt, daughter of UK’s Prisons Minister has exposed how the lives of thousands could have been put at risk.

Updated: Jul 22, 2012, 19:19 PM IST

London: Whistle blower Claudia Blunt, the daughter of UK’s Prisons Minister Crispin Blunt, has exposed how the lives of thousands could have been put at risk after students recruited to help at the Olympics Games were given answers to a crucial safety exam, instead of doing the 12 months of study it normally takes.

Blunt said: "The woman read out the questions, and then, gave us the answers. They told us to put down only our GCSEs as qualifications. She whistled through it, and at one point, even said:

"It`ll look better if you get some of the answers wrong." According to The Daily Mail, Blunt revealed that in a dimly lit nightclub, around 80 recruits were given bogus documentation bearing the name of a college that does not even offer the safety qualification.

The would-be stewards were told to exaggerate their experience if questioned by Olympic organisers.

The recruits were told that even though they had no first aid training, they might have to provide medical attention. After the superficial ``training`` session in Oxford nightclub Wahoo, the recruits paid a visit to the Earls Court exhibition centre in London, where 15,000 people will watch each of 16 Olympic volleyball matches.

Olympic chiefs have launched an urgent investigation after stewards responsible for the safety of thousands of spectators were told to forge exam qualifications.

They were not searched, nor did they have their identity checked, yet they were told codewords for possible emergencies such as chemical spills or bomb scares.

A spokesman for London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog) said an investigation had been launched into how the contract for 1,200 stewards at venues in Earls Court, Box Hill and Greenwich had been handled.

Blunt, a 20-year-old politics and economics student at Cambridge University’s Downing College, approached The Mail on Sunday to expose the safety flaws after going to a ``training night`` in Oxford, held by Tungsten SIA.