Anti-China coalition a US containment policy: Chinese daily

US President announces support for India as a permanent member in the UNSC.

Beijing: China containment policies propounded by US think tanks are aimed at establishing "an anti-China coalition" around the country and infiltrating "from the inside, especially by brainwashing the younger generation", an editorial in a Chinese daily said on Thursday.

An editorial in the Global Times said: "Frictions arise now and then between China and its neighbours as well as with the United States. China has to be aware that some conflicts are purely tactical, while others may be part of a larger strategy."

It observed that "the disputes between China and surrounding Asian countries arise from individual incidents, which stir up public emotions on both sides.”

"But these countries have no strategic motive to transform China. Even though there are sporadic calls from some people to bring down the rising giant, these calls have little chance of become any country`s real national policy."

The editorial appeared just days after US President Barack Obama announced support for India as a permanent member in the UN Security Council.

It admitted that the situation "with the US is different".

"Although some of the increasing disagreement and quarrels seem trivial, US political elites have been advocating their government to safeguard the country`s super power position in the world. They believe the US government should take concrete action to contain China, preventing it from growing into another power capable of challenging US hegemony."

It went on to say that the "China containment policies raised by some US think tanks mainly focus on two areas. One is to establish an anti-China coalition surrounding China. The other is to infiltrate from the inside, especially by brainwashing the younger generation and nurturing an appreciation of Western values".

Sounding a warning note, the editorial said: "The basic goal is to make sure China does not become a challenger or an enemy. The highest goal is to overrun China with US and Western values, overthrowing the ruling power."

"In its neighbourhood, China needs to make sure regional disputes over material benefits do not escalate into ideological confrontations...As for the US, China has to be on the alert, making sure its potential goal to overthrow the Chinese system does not become a real policy."

"The biggest player to affect China`s rise is still the US. But China will determine the future of Sino-US relations using its own will and beliefs," it added.


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